Additional Information and cases

I have a vast experience of credit hire litigation and I am one of the leading barristers in this area of law. I have been representing both Claimants and Defendants in this field for almost 25 years. In the early years of credit hire litigation I represented many of the major Insurance companies. More recently I have focussed on representing Claimants and Credit Hire Organisations. Having represented both sides I am fully aware of all the issues and legal principles that are raised in this litigation. Some of the following cases are often cited in credit hire litigation and I appeared in each of them:

  • McBride v. UK Insurance Limited & Clayton v. EUI Limited- excess waivers and assessment of the basic hire rate.
  • Beechwood Birmingham Limited v. Hoyer Group PLC- assessment of general damages for loss of use, corporate claims and measure of loss
  • Dix v. Zurich Insurance PLC- correct measure of loss concerning profit earning chattel in a taxi-cab claim
  • Cheung v. UK Insurance Limited - assessment of applicable BHRs and reasonable duration where a Claimant is not impecunious
  • Mungall v. West Oxfordshire District Council - a claim for general subsists where a Claimant has no interest in a damaged car and is not a party to the hire agreement
  • Agheampong v. Allied Manufacturing (London) Limited - the application of the illegality defence to a credit hire claim